Horoscope for March 26

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Aries Serious financial losses are possible. You will be able to return some of the money later, but it will take some effort. Disagreements with management are not ruled out, some markers will think about changing jobs and begin active searches that will soon be successful.

The emotional background of the day is not so successful; you are capricious and nervous; dealing with you today is not so easy. But the person who truly loves you will be very patient and will do everything possible to raise your spirits.

Taurus. It is enough for a little detail to completely ruin your mood, and if nothing substantial happens, you will be discouraged without a cause. You will have to deal with people who are not comfortable communicating with you and you will not be able to hide your true attitude toward them. You lose important things all the time, which makes you nervous. It is difficult for managers to find common ground with subordinates.

Do not make important decisions today, especially when it comes to personal life. Unplanned trips can take a long time but will not benefit.

Gemini. It is not worth thinking about the past. The longer you think about it, the worse your mood will be. It would be a good day to dedicate yourself to enjoyable activities, a gym, or a dance hall. Interest in painting, music and literature will grow.

The second half of the day is a good time to chat with friends. Thanks to them you will be able to make new acquaintances. It is not excluded that the beginning of a new and exciting romance.

Cancer. Do not experiment today, and do not leave everything to a new idea. It is advisable to finish things early, then move on to others, otherwise your chaos will be ruled out. Disagreements with friends may occur, and in some cases serious disputes may arise.

Many celebrities are expected to face personal disappointments. Romantic relationships will not work out the way you want them to. Your attitude towards the person you love has changed, and you pay more attention to the disadvantages than to the benefits.