» Aren Mkrtchyan about Arthur Vanetsyan's possible resignation (video)

Aren Mkrtchyan about Arthur Vanetsyan's possible resignation (video)

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Yesterday at 18:51 the official website of the Football Federation of Armenia published information that the Armenian football team has a new head coach. Under the current rules, the Armenian National Football Team cannot have a new head coach without the approval of the Executive Committee and the Executive Committee meeting was just that. Proper voting took place and the current members of the Executive Committee voted in favor of Abraham Khashmanyan's vote. Aren Mkrtchyan, a member of the "My Step" faction, told reporters today after the session of the AF Executive Committee.

Asked about Arthur Vanetsyan's appointment as quotes, Mkrtchyan said in a Facebook post yesterday. "I did not put Artur Vanetsyan's appointment in the quotes, I quoted the new head coach of the national team and I already mentioned why."

Asked if the issue of Vanetsyan's resignation has been discussed or are there any such intentions, Mkrtchyan said: "The executive committee has no authority over the resignation and it should be decided by the general assembly."

Mkrtchyan noted that he had no information about convening a general meeting at this time.