» It is known why the death rate of coronavirus in Germany is abnormally low

It is known why the death rate of coronavirus in Germany is abnormally low

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The abnormally low coronavirus mortality rate in Germany has been explained in comparison to other European countries. The Financial Times reports.

Germany says one of the major strikes has been included in the list of the five countries with the highest number of infections (more than 20,000 people). 70 people died of coronavirus in the country and 180 people were completely cured. At the same time, pneumonia-related mortality is one of the lowest in the world (0.35%). In other countries where coronavirus is most prevalent this figure is 10% (in Italy), 3% (in France), 5% (in Spain) and 4% (in China).

Experts surveyed by the journal suggest that this anomaly is due to a relatively earlier stage of the epidemic and a lower average age of the infected. 80% of people infected in Germany do not reach 60, according to estimates by Robeevet Koch Institute.

In addition, experts point to the possibility of Berlin doing 160,000 tests a week, which is more than all European countries combined since the beginning of the epidemic.

Another factor is the professional equipping of hospitals with the necessary equipment. In mid-March, Germany provided hospitals with 10,000 new equipment to treat coronavirus.

However, experts do not rule out that the situation in Germany may worsen as the epidemic is still in its infancy.