» A doctor infected with COVID-19 described in detail the symptoms of the disease

A doctor infected with COVID-19 described in detail the symptoms of the disease

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60-year-old British doctor Claire Herada, who has been treated for COVID-19, told the Daily Mail about the symptoms of the disease, reports Ria Novosti.

According to the doctor, he was infected with coronavirus in New York, but signs of illness appeared when he returned home. The woman flew to Britain on Sunday, went to work Monday, and felt tired on Tuesday morning.

“The morning started with a dry cough. Before that, the cough was quite light, and I thought it was because of a long flight, "he explained.

After that, the doctor felt severe dryness in his throat, which turned into pain.

"As if someone had stabbed me in the throat," added Herada.

Then his fever rose and his fever began.

"I found out that this is a coronavirus because I have never been ill and the flu season is over," he said.

Herada took a test and decided to be isolated.

His condition deteriorated rapidly. A few hours later, the woman lost her appetite, and all the dishes were metallic. He ate compulsively, and due to a dry throat he drank lemon juice instead of tea. Another symptom, noted by Herada, was nose ulcers. He thought the throat was also covered with sores.

The doctor added that he only wanted to sleep. According to him, life has never been so bad.

"I wanted to keep a video diary, but even taking the phone seemed too difficult," the woman said.

To reduce the fever, he ingested two pills of paracetamol three times daily. Friday's test results confirmed COVID-19. By that time, Herada was feeling better. the heat had gone down, the cough had stopped.

On Saturday, the appetite was restored. By Monday, he felt he had recovered, but decided to continue the isolation until the end of the week, as doctors had determined.

Herada is confident that the overwhelming majority of those infected with coronavirus will be able to recover. He said he had no health problems, while many coronavirus victims were suffering from various diseases.