» A coronavirus anomaly has been reported in Germany

A coronavirus anomaly has been reported in Germany

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High levels of coronavirus infection have been reported in Germany, but virus deaths remain low, which is why the epidemic in the country is considered abnormal. The Financial Times reports.

The news says that COVID-19 has "hit Germany with all its might", spreading the virus.

According to Johns Hopkins University, the number of infected in Germany on Thursday, March 19, was 13,979. Thus, Germany was included in the top five contaminants (after China, Italy, Iran and Spain).

However, only 42 people have died of the virus in the country. In France, for example, 9,058 people have been infected with coronavirus and 243 have died, while in Spain 803 have died of 17,395.

Experts attribute the anomaly to the fact that the outbreak of coronavirus in Germany is relatively early, and the age of the infected is younger than in other countries. In addition, a large number of tests have been conducted in the country.