» Arsen Torosyan. Our preventive measures must be conditioned by self-isolation

Arsen Torosyan. Our preventive measures must be conditioned by self-isolation

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Health Minister Arsen Torosyan said on March 21 during a live Facebook event that the growth rate of cases of coronavirus confirmed over the past few days was very high due to the two hearths. According to him, if there were no cases of Etchmiadzin and the workshop, the number of patients would be very small - about 20-25. However, according to him, the growth rate was not so great due to the isolation of citizens. “However, it cannot continue indefinitely.

We currently have over 600 isolated people in five different regions of Armenia. But we believe that this reserve is coming to an end, and we must make our precautionary measures conditional on self-isolation, of which, of course, actions have now been taken.

But experience has shown that our esteemed citizens have not always understood or understood the danger, have pursued that regime, which is necessary for themselves, their relatives and all our other citizens, "the Minister said, noting that it is due to the fact that the National Assembly on Friday debated a draft law that would lay down responsibility for violating the self-isolation regime.

In Arsen Torosyan's opinion, it is a very reasonable requirement when there is a public health risk and any citizen performs actions that endanger public health and that citizen is responsible for his or her actions. "This challenge, which now faces the whole world, can only be resolved by joint efforts.

And this is not just a matter of health care or health care. All resources are mobilized around the world, both intellectual, human, financial, and various. ”