» Payment of tuition fees paid per month is delayed by one month. Rector of YSMU

Payment of tuition fees paid per month is delayed by one month. Rector of YSMU

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YSMU Rector Armen Muradyan writes on his Facebook page:

Dear students and students, by the decision of the Scientific Council of the University:

1. Until the end of the state of emergency, the existing work and training provided by the University's educational activities shall be terminated at the University premises, university hospitals, medical institutions affiliated with the University, and other organizations.

2. University students are assigned a vacation period of 16.03.2020-14.04.2020 (a part of summer vacation). Courses in Courses 1-3 will resume on 15.04.2020 and courses 4-6 in 20.04.2020. In case of one month delay of classes the teaching process, including the attestations, will be carried out in accordance with the relevant university rules.

3. In case of a possible extension of the emergency, all departments of the University will go online to conduct lessons on the "ZOOM" platform. Based on the above, all students should be ready for online courses by downloading the relevant program from zoom.us. In case of introduction of online teaching, the relevant information about the whole educational process will be presented.

4. Due to a one-month delay in classes, the new 4-6th course timetable will be posted on ysmu.am until the start of classes, and 1st to 3rd year courses will continue with the same timetable (in case of fractional classes with a number).

5. Payment of tuition fees payable by months shall be deferred for one month, with the last payment being 25.06.2020.