» Loans AM has issued a statement

Loans AM has issued a statement

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Dear Customers,
Due to the state of emergency, "WMC" UCO CJSC made a decision From March 19 to April 15, provide an individual approach to all clients who have complied with their contractual obligations to the entity and for whom it is currently difficult to meet its credit obligations. These customers will be additionally notified.
At the same time, we urge income borrowers to repay their loans, avoiding any further burden of accumulated credit liabilities.

You can also use our partner payment terminals to fulfill your credit obligations:
Idram http://vrk.am/dx2h4
Easy Pay http://vrk.am/pguy4
Tel-cell http://vrk.am/azrzw
At the same time, we remind you that payments made after 9pm will be considered accepted the next business day.
Please also
Wear medical protective masks and gloves,
Maintain proper distance between employees and other clients,
Avoid visiting affiliates with young children,
Disinfect your hands by special means before and after the operation.