» State and the Armenian Apostolic Church

State and the Armenian Apostolic Church

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The Church is separate from the state, and it is enshrined in the Constitution. But in 2003 Then the process of gradual rapprochement between the Church and the Republican Party began. The reason for this could be considered the formation of an oligarchic system, which also used religious-ideological mechanisms to reinforce its own power, and that did not prevent it from adhering to the RPA doctrine of Nzhdeh.

2005 After the constitutional amendments it was stated in the Constitution that although the state and the church are separate in the Republic of Armenia, the state recognizes the special mission of the Armenian Apostolic Church as a national church. 2006 an interesting process began. Church officials were blessing RPA activists and party activities. In the words of Serzh Sargsyan, Tigran Sargsyan, and others, the role of the church is beginning to take on an even greater place.

2008 a question often arises after the post-election developments: Where is the church and why did it not intervene to prevent conflicts by supporting the actions of the state?

2018 After the events it seemed as if the church would also have to change. The political function of the church was no longer needed by the state.