» Anna Hakobyan listed what is prohibited during the state of emergency

Anna Hakobyan listed what is prohibited during the state of emergency

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A short time ago a State of Emergency was established throughout the Republic of Armenia, imposing certain restrictions and restrictions for the citizens.
Please follow these rules, follow the instructions, do not forget about preventative measures, follow the rules of hygiene. The Prime Minister's spouse Anna Hakobyan wrote about this on her Facebook page and presented what is forbidden during emergency days;

“It is forbidden to organize, hold and participate in rallies and strikes.

Public events involving 20 or more people are prohibited, but not limited to birth, wedding (engagement), funeral, and other events qualified as a public event.

Receiving and sending parcels, parcels and parcels, appointments (except for video call use), vacations of compulsory military and junior officers, with the instruction of a commander, are prohibited in military units of the Ministry of Defense.

Adult social services, child care and protection institutions and psychiatric organizations are prohibited from receiving and sending parcels, parcels and packages, and having appointments.

The educational process in state, community, non-state, international educational institutions is terminated, except those that have the possibility of distance learning.

Paretas may prohibit the operation of multifunctional public catering, shopping and entertainment centers in the respective communities.

Limitations may be applied within the administrative boundaries of the relevant community (s) as instructed

special access to the community and exit administrative boundaries,
isolation (self-isolation) of persons in their place of residence or of their own choice or in another's place, standardization of free movement and necessary supervision, sanitary and anti-epidemic measures in persons' habitual residence or place of residence, suspicion of infection or its presence transportation of persons specially designated quarantine sites or organizations providing medical care and services, vehicles Inspection, barriers to entry and exit.

The border crossing of the Republic of Armenia prohibits the entry of stateless persons into the territory of the Republic of Armenia who enter the territory of the Republic of Armenia from the countries included in the list of countries with epidemiological tensions or within 14 days prior to entry except those of diplomatic missions, consulates and consulates. representatives of international organizations.

The exit of RA citizens through the land border crossing is prohibited, except for the persons who transport goods and if the export is not prohibited by the established procedure.
Be healthy. May God protect our country and our people, ”wrote Anna Hakobyan.