» Prosecutor's Office reached Gagik Beglaryan's brother. a man and a woman have signed a contract with each other

Prosecutor's Office reached Gagik Beglaryan's brother. a man and a woman have signed a contract with each other

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The brother of the ex-mayor of Yerevan, former minister of transport Gagik Beglaryan leased the state property to his wife. Damage of 85.5 million drams was caused to the state.

YEREVAN, November 6 - Sputnik. On the basis of documents received from the RA State Property Management Committee, the Office of the Prosecutor General of Armenia examined the lease of a building and land owned by the Collective Teams Sports Center CJSC, which owns 100 percent state-owned shares, and found that the state had been paid 85.5 million drams. This was reported by the press service of the Prosecutor's Office.

Collective Teams Sports Center CJSC was leased to an LLC in 2007 for a monthly contract of 480,000 AMD, the founder of which is the wife of the director of the center.

That is, a man and a woman contracted to transfer the building of a state-owned company with a total area of ​​6580.8 square meters and a plot of 1.1807 hectares.

And then the company owned by the woman leased the premises to other organizations. For example, the rent for the gym of 1276 square meters is 300,000 - 700,000 AMD per month. The couple received at least 1 million drams each month in exchange for the common area, of which 480,000 were transferred to the Collective Team Sports Center.

Since 2016, no money has been transferred at all, leaving the state debt of 13.5 million AMD.

Adding to that the fact that the state property was leased at a low price, the prosecutor's office estimated the total damage to the state at 85.5 million drams.

According to the revealed facts, a criminal case was initiated under Article 214, Part 2 of the RA Criminal Code for abuse of power by employees of commercial or other organizations.

The Investigation Committee has been assigned to conduct the preliminary investigation.

The official statement by the prosecutor's office does not disclose who is behind these dark deals.

It is known, however, that the director of the Collective Teams Sports Center CJSC is former MP Yuri Beglaryan Beglaryan, the brother of former Yerevan mayor Gagik Beglaryan.

The Collective Teams Sports Center CJSC was reorganized by the decision of the Government of the Republic of Armenia dated April 10, 2003. The statutory capital of the CJSC is set at 100 million AMD, 100% of which belongs to the state.

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During the same period Yuri Beglaryan was appointed director of the center and continues to work in that position to this day.