» 2.7 million is not a big number for the show. Nazeni Gharibyan

2.7 million is not a big number for the show. Nazeni Gharibyan

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The performance at the Republic Square Subway Station staged an uproar. The performance was not accepted by a large part of the public as it did not meet the motives of Armenian culture.

Former Minister of Culture Nazeni Gharibyan told ArmDaily.am that she had not been to Armenia and was unaware of the performance, but noted that she was for innovative performances. “Armenian culture is not just a khachkar and a church, and if our ancestors had thought so, we would not have come out of the caves now. There is room for any innovation. And the Armenian culture is all that is created on the Armenian soil, by the Armenian forces. The performance may not have been artistically successful. But if people make an experimental attempt and make such a presentation, I'm in favor. We have to move forward, our country is lagging behind, we are ahead in many issues, but far behind in terms of cultural consciousness. "

Gharibyan noted that 2.7 million drams is not a big sum for the performance. “Theaters, I've seen myself, have been allocated between 8 and 10 million drams for one performance, played once and entered the shelf. 2.7 million is not a big number. At one time a number of theaters were stoned, but today they are considered classical. ”