» We have 41 people isolated in Tsakhkadzor and 6 families in Yerevan, but the number may increase. Torosyan

We have 41 people isolated in Tsakhkadzor and 6 families in Yerevan, but the number may increase. Torosyan

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As of yesterday we had 41 people in Tsakhkadzor and 6 families in Yerevan. I can't say the number of people, but since the process of isolation is taking place right now. the number of isolates will increase and we will announce the final number. It is not excluded that the number of isolates will increase by 10-20. This is what Minister of Health Arsen Torosyan stated during a briefing with reporters on March 12, referring to the people who are in contact with isolated patients with coronavirus. Yerkir.am reports.

He noted: "I think 31 people isolated in the first case will go home after a test because they have no symptoms."

Regarding the observation about how isolation can help prevent the spread of the infection, Torosyan said that self-isolation and social responsibility are the only means of preventing the epidemics. "The virus is spreading in a secret area, very quickly, we cannot isolate thousands of citizens," Torosyan stressed.

At the same time, the Minister urged citizens returning from the places of the epidemic to work to limit contact, isolate themselves and most importantly, in the event of complaints, not engage in self-treatment, and immediately report to medical services whose numbers have been published to enable certain tests and tests to be performed. the person or not. He also reminded that the infected person is not contaminated after five minutes or two days because a large amount of virus is needed to get rid of it and infect others.

"Therefore, this scheme of detecting, testing, isolating contactors is the only effective scheme to break the chain of disease," he said, adding that the disease is new, noting that since the day the person was considered to be infected, it is very difficult. however, when the patient does not cough or sneeze, the chance of infecting the other person is very low.
Torosyan also clarified that at present the mechanisms of administrative responsibility for the self-isolated are being discussed.

Recall that earlier one case of coronavirus was detected in Armenia. Thus, the total number of infected is 4.