» In England, a dog has "killed" a dying baby

In England, a dog has "killed" a dying baby

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A dog in England has "resuscitated" a little boy who was in the resuscitation department after a brain surgery. This is reported by The Mirror.

The incident took place in Southampton. Local resident Joey Ralph's 3-year-old boy was admitted to the intensive care unit. Little Oscars have found a rare brain disease, acute scattered encephalomyelitis.

The child felt worse every day, he was operated on. The boy remained unconscious in the intensive care unit, and doctors were "preparing the worst for his mother."

Specialists have offered special therapy, taking the child to the retrospective of the dog. After the dog put his fingers on the baby's hand, his heartbeat accelerated to rest, he smiled.

The mother called the incident a miracle. Even the doctors were touched. Since that day, the Oscars have improved slightly.