» No coronavirus case in Artsakh, suspicious test results to be known in Yerevan

No coronavirus case in Artsakh, suspicious test results to be known in Yerevan

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Information on confirmation of coronavirus case in Artsakh is not true. In a conversation with "Armenpress" Karine Balayan, Chief Specialist-epidemiologist of the Ministry of Health of Artsakh stated this.

“There is no such thing, we have no case confirmed to date. The control over Artsakh continues with regard to both the locals and the tourists who come to us. Suspicious cases are in our focus. We are working closely with the Ministry of Health of Armenia, ”said Karine Balayan.

 Media reported that a case of coronavirus was reported in Artsakh with spouses who left Iran for Artsakh on February 20, 2009. Armenpress ”was informed from the head of the State Hygienic and Anti-Epidemic Inspectorate of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Artsakh Ofelia Harutyunyan was:

"They have been under constant surveillance since coming from Iran. Now their temperature has risen, we have researched and sent samples to Yerevan to get answers. It may be a common flu, there is just a doubt that they have returned from Iran, ”Harutyunyan said. The couple are now isolated, feeling good.

 Spokeswoman for the Armenian Minister of Health Alina Nikoghosyan noted that there is no new confirmed case of coronavirus so far and the update will be in the evening.

 The first case of coronavirus infection in Armenia was confirmed in the early morning of March 1. The infected is a 29-year-old man who arrived in Armenia from Iran on February 28. On March 1, 31 people were detained at the Golden Palace Hotel in Tsakhkadzor who were related to the man.