» The streets and hotels of Tsakhkadzor are empty. Tourists and guests cancel bookings and leave town (video)

The streets and hotels of Tsakhkadzor are empty. Tourists and guests cancel bookings and leave town (video)

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kayqer.ru visited Tsakhkadzor and conducted a survey among hotel staff, city residents, and service citizens to find out how 31 people living with a coronavirus virus were isolated at the Golden Palace Hotel. Were there any cancellations in the hotels or a reduction in the number of tourists?

Speaking to kayqer.ru, Marianna Beglaryan, director of the Jupiter Tsakhkadzor hotel complex, said the hotel was completely empty. "The last visitors left yesterday, the hotel is completely empty at the moment, no visitors and no expectations, all booking methods are silent."

Citizens also noticed that Tsakhkadzor had indeed been emptied, the reason being the fear of infection, but there was not much panic and fear among their citizens.

Most Tsakhkadzor hotel staff and executives did not want to speak in front of the camera, but one of them said that the decision to bring potential carriers to Tsakhkadzor was really wrong and that the negative impact of this decision would last long.

Jupiter Hotel Director Marianna Beglaryan noted that there is usually about 50% occupancy in hotels before the spring holidays, but they have no reservations so far.

It should be reminded that the first case of coronavirus infection registered in Armenia became known this year. on the night of March 1. Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated this on his Facebook page, noting that the patient is a 29-year-old Armenian citizen, a man who arrived in Tehran by plane with his wife on February 28.

During a press conference on March 1, RA Minister of Health Arsen Torosyan informed that 31 people contacted with the infected person were isolated at the Golden Palace Hotel in Tsakhkadzor.

According to the Prime Minister, they are provided with everything, including food. Communication with the outside world is excluded.