» Bowling is a mockery to hurt

Bowling is a mockery to hurt

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However, the view that the school as an institute occupies a secondary or tertiary role in the bowling process has some misunderstanding. The availability of school bowling is also provided in the school, including in the approaches and models provided by teachers. Children who use violence against each other very often imitate the standard models that exist in the school environment. To date, the teacher is the “dominant” role in the Armenian school, and the student is in the secondary. To get students to the point of view, there is no other way than to imitate the "instructional", authoritarian style. On the other hand, the school is the best institution that can do preventive bowling.

Do children really know what to do instead of violence? Even adults may not even know what mechanisms to use instead of hitting. However, it is no secret that there is this violence, no matter how much the directors, even the whole society, try not to conceal it. However, it seems that we do not pay enough attention to this problem, we do not target the groups that are more likely to become victims of bullying, we talk about the psychological aspects of bullying, forgetting physical bullying, material bullying. We see these manifestations as ordinary, concealing the real problem and complicating it with the crisis of adolescence and unmanaged emotions.