» VIDEO. Arsen Torosyan provides the latest information

VIDEO. Arsen Torosyan provides the latest information

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Armenia has about 1,000 laboratory tests for the new type of coronavirus, and on March 6 it will receive another 2000 tests, Karlen mentioned on the radio of Liberty radio station Arsen Torosyan.

“In addition, we are in talks with the United Kingdom and the Russian Federation. There is also an offer from China, Japan and the US. We are still thinking about getting new newspapers or not, because we have received tests from our partners to date. It may not be necessary because, according to my forecasts, we are going to decline, except for one or two countries. Many experts share those forecasts as well, ”Torosyan said.

According to the minister, traffic control at Armenia's border checkpoints yields results and may not need additional tests.

In Armenia, 32 people suspected of having a coronavirus virus have been isolated. Isolated people are kept at the Golden Palace Hotel in Tsakhkadzor.