"Treason" in the NSS

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The Special Investigative Service has spread information about the allegation against the head of one of the NSS units over the well-known story of the Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure Development Suren Papikyan.

The head of the NSS division has been charged with abusing official position for publishing information about a person for illegally collecting, disseminating and abusing official position information. It is about the famous information about Suren Papikyan being sentenced and imprisoned, which Papikyan explained back and said that it was about an incident with one of the officers during his service, when, in his words, the officer had offended his national dignity.

Papikyan said that the service was in Armenia, but in a foreign military unit, of course, it was about the Russian military unit. And, of course, we are talking about a foreign officer. Suren Papikyan was sentenced to imprisonment under Russian law, but served his sentence in Armenia and acquitted by amnesty. The case was detailed, and Papikyan reportedly applied to law enforcement to find out the confidential information. And here it turns out that it is the head of the NSS. Here, however, another circumstance is more interesting, in the broader context. By the way, the issue was also touched upon recently by Nikol Pashinyan, during the anti-corruption consultation, where he spoke about the need for more effective fight, while speaking about the existence of brakes in the law enforcement system, the presence of "traitor" officials.

That "category" is the head of the unit charged with whether or not he has been indicted. It is not known, however, that in Armenia there is a serious problem of leakage of information from law enforcement systems, not only in the form of informing any corruptor in advance, but also in disseminating various information to the press which subsequently becomes internal political speculation and in some cases even public. tools to manipulate the agenda.