» Shahumyan region surrendered to Azerbaijan by Ter-Petrosyan; Aram Sargsyan

Shahumyan region surrendered to Azerbaijan by Ter-Petrosyan; Aram Sargsyan

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Aram Gaspari Sargsyan, the leader of the Democratic Party of Armenia, who was the last first secretary of the USSR Communist Party Central Committee, referred to the meeting of Nikol Pashinyan and Ilham Aliyev during the Munich meeting of Angela Sargsyan's Mirror and presented historical events, including the first which took place during his tenure as first secretary, and are particularly related to the handover of the Shahumyan region.

The politician says that the international community is not exactly spoken to, and if Aliyev calls us aggressor, then everything should be put in place and revealed the truth. And the truth is, according to Aram Sargsyan, that back in summer 91, when there were rumors about Shahumyan's surrender, local officials approached him and asked him to intervene and suspend the surrender. In response to his question why they do not apply to Levon Ter-Petrosyan, they respond that they have applied, and Ter-Petrosyan has said that he can do nothing.

Already in Moscow, when he was going to participate in the highest party meetings, Aram Sargsyan decided that he should speak to Mikhail Gorbachev about the issue. Ayaz Mutalibov himself made an attempt to stop him from doing so, but to no avail, and surprisingly, when Sargsyan presented the question to Gorbachev, he received an answer as to why you interfered with Ter-Petrosyan. The speaker emphasizes that it was possible to suspend 91, but Shahumyan surrendered to 92 in the same scenario, and before that, in July 91 two Armenian villages were emptied.

What is interesting is that the Azerbaijani side responded to the legal processes of the Armenian side with the pogroms of Sumgait and Baku. The speaker also recalled an episode in which Mutalibov had already been in the underground, in 95, saying that if Baku recognizes the independence of Nagorno Karabakh, no power in Azerbaijan would survive afterwards, in response to which he himself said that the fact of Armenia's existence would be put on the table. If we renounce the idea of ​​NK independence.