» Criminal authority declares hunger strike and hunger strike. The chief of Artik takes the thieves out of their cell

Criminal authority declares hunger strike and hunger strike. The chief of Artik takes the thieves out of their cell

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The management of the Artik penitentiary has launched a fight against the "criminals", creating unbearable conditions for them. And "thieves" oppose "administration", sometimes reaching extreme forms of protest. Recently Karen Karapetyan, 39, sentenced to a hunger strike and a water strike. In this way, he is protesting against the decision of Arman Melkonyan, head of the Artik Penitentiary, to move him from a shack to his shack. We learned about this from Karen Karapetyan's friends.

Other people were kept in the same room with Karen Karapetyan. They are all transported.

Karen Karapetyan was kept in the cell of "thieves" in "Artik" penitentiary where the inmates, by their own means and means, created more comfortable, comfortable conditions and renovated the room.

By the way, when talking about the latter, they do not use the word cell.

On the wall of this room there was an octagonal star, "Vosmikoneknik", which is considered one of the symbols of the criminal world. The head of the prison has ordered to remove "Vosmikoneknik" from Karen Karapetyan's wall.

It should be reminded that on November 19 the National Assembly adopted in the first reading the draft law on Amending the Criminal Code, which is conventionally called the Draft Law on Thieves.

It is no secret that the cells of criminal authorities, “thieves” in our prisons, or their assigned places in common cells have always been favorably different from others. In particular, the places where "thieves" live are carpeted. If the point is about a common will, the farther the prisoner is asleep, the greater his "respect".

These privileges also disappear within the framework of the fight against criminal subculture.

Karen Karapetyan, convicted of "Artik" penitentiary, has been in prison since 2010. He was convicted of robbery, aggravated robbery, unlawful possession of a weapon and use of a weapon, and is still facing two years in prison.

What is happening at Artik? Why is Karen Karapetyan going on a hunger strike? Forrights.am turned to Correctional Service Press Officer Nona Navikyan for a response.

“Karen Karapetyan, a convict of the Artik Penitentiary Institution of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia, has declared a hunger strike since January 29 and has been on a hunger strike until now. He demands to be left alone, citing health problems. But according to the doctor's opinion at the Artik Penitentiary, the latter has no health problems. " Navikyan said that Karapetyan had also refused water.