» Alain Simonyan is lying. AntiFake.am:

Alain Simonyan is lying. AntiFake.am:

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Speaking to reporters today, January 30, Alain Simonyan touched upon the detainees of the day, the founder of the VETO public-political movement Narek Malyan, members of the Adekwad Brotherhood Arthur Danielyan, Grigor Minasyan, Azat Adamyan and the chairman of the KGB To Narek Samsonyan, he said: "The people you mentioned are known for their radical statements that you can see everywhere.

There was information regarding them, the police acted within their rights. You can see, there have been many episodes of violence, for example there was an incident with Arthur Ispiryan in Cascade, when Arthur Ispiryan walked with his family in Cascade and so on. "