» This episode of Sirusho's new show has impressed viewers (Video)

This episode of Sirusho's new show has impressed viewers (Video)

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We've been shooting this program for about two years. We tour the world and get acquainted with the fates of the Armenians. With each one we are touched, rejoiced, understanding the difficulties of living abroad. In general, there is no one who has no difficulties in life.

The question is, how do we view life, how do we deal with adversity, how much do we value and value ourselves, how can we fill others' lives with positivity, can we surround ourselves with real people and in this fast-paced life course? Who is to remain human and maintain simple and honest human relationships - not to assimilate, to despair, to lose self, to stop believing in dreams, kindness, honesty, all the important attributes that unfortunately have lost importance today and Nowhere have they even begun to be perceived as naտve. We may have gone too far from nature, but one thing is clear: Unless we are able to fill others' lives positively, we cannot expect our lives to be positive.