» Nikol Pashinyan is not the Prime Minister either

Nikol Pashinyan is not the Prime Minister either

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The issue of the Constitutional Court has put the government in a tailspin. Some have become so overwhelmed by the thought of dismissing Hrayr Tovmasyan and reforming the dreamless CC they dream that they are literally delirious. Of course, everyone's preference is to delve into the face of the truth, but the fact that the NA deputy is deluded and tries to present it with a serious facial expression becomes a waste of words and comments. It is even more evident after the shameful story of the pen that the authorities are rocking a wall, and Nikol Pashinyan has issued a decree to the teammates to starve Hrayr Tovmasyan's meat. People who have been outraged by the shameful story have lost their sense of right and wrong, if they have ever had, and generally understood, the role and significance of any constitution or authority.

Here's my step MP Christine Poghosyan
Hrayr Tovmasyan has made an illiterate statement, he does not understand that the CC president is not a representative of the judiciary. Here they say, we have arrived, come down. This is said by a person who represents the legislative body of our country and who like it are shaping the fate of this state. This is said by an MP who is investigating the events of the April war, who, in fact, receives a salary from our taxes paid to talk about such nonsense.

By the logic of this girl, Nikol Pashinyan is not the head or representative of the executive power, or more precisely, he is not the prime minister or Ararat Mirzoyan and he is not a member of the legislative body either.

It remains to be seen what this MP means when he also announces that there is a way of resolving the CC crisis and the head of the faction will announce it soon. If these people today do not know the basic truths, then one can imagine what their solution will be.

Whatever the outcome of the CC clash, Nikol Pashinyan's team proves on a daily basis that they are plotting a coup or a hybrid coup against the authorities themselves with such secular ideas.