» Nikol Pashinyan solves his questions, and Fishman?

Nikol Pashinyan solves his questions, and Fishman?

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Nikol Pashinyan opened brackets in Kapan on why he had visited SIS. He said that he had gone to the Kosh penitentiary under a criminal case against him. At the same time, as if he was being sincere, he said that he had initially thought about proceeding with it, then thought that "Not nice, Taron", but then another citizen appeared and went away, reported to law enforcement. . The SIS does not say anything about who this citizen is, why investigative actions have been carried out in this regard both days ago and now. "For the sake of the preliminary investigation, we do not disclose further details of the criminal case."

Pashinyan's lawyer Vahe Hovsepyan presented the details of the 2010 violence at Kosh Prison, saying that on November 11 at 2.30 pm Nikol Pashinyan woke up feeling a strange movement that lasted for about 20 minutes.