» "This is a disaster. And why don't they tear up the general? straps. to stop this self-destruction at any cost. "

"This is a disaster. And why don't they tear up the general? straps. to stop this self-destruction at any cost. "

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Famous lawyer Norayr Norikyan writes on his Facebook page:

Shortly before the RA Investigation Committee confirmed that today Vahram Mkrtichi Avagyan, a compulsory conscript in N military unit, fired a shotgun from his chest, wounded in the chest, and was taken to a military hospital where he died.

A criminal case has been instituted in connection with the suicide. Literally a few days ago, on January 24, another emergency was registered again in another military unit, as a result of which a criminal case was initiated for attempting to kill two and committing suicide.

Fortunately, there were no casualties.

This is a disaster; this is a serious challenge and threat for every soldier. I really raise the alarm that this is a result of irresponsible, heartless attitude and anarchy. This speaks to the criminal morals in the armed forces.

It is good that several generals shoulder straps are added to our army every year, it is very good that our soldiers are gradually transitioning to a more civilized food system, it is very good that we are getting modern ammunition and are closing it The shameful page of the Eighties guns, but all this is not worth the blow if the life of a soldier in a peacekeeping environment is endangered, and the soldiers commit suicide or are killed in peace.

I argue that the criminal should be eradicated in the armed forces. In every case, thorough studies and research, strict preventive and decisive steps must be taken to avoid any tragedy, and sometimes even general straps are torn.

I argue that one of the reasons for this is the crime that has not been uncovered for many years. If all the crimes that led to the deaths in the armed forces were found out and those guilty were brought to justice, we would not have witnessed such cases today.

Wake up and draw conclusions. The process of self-destruction must be stopped at all costs.