» What is Robert Kocharina planning to do? details

What is Robert Kocharina planning to do? details

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What is Robert Kocharyan planning? Is the new Vanetsyan-2 mine at the base of the state?

RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, speaking for the first time at a Government session on June 6 last year, instructed law enforcement officials to take a hard line against the conspiracy forces and factions in our country. Davit Jalalyan wrote about it on his Facebook page

"There are people who want chaos in the country, they are waging a hybrid war, who are they at all? And the names and surnames of those people are very well known, well, we understood, one, two, three, four, those thieves in this country should feel good about themselves, they have to walk under the sidewalks, they don't? They are serious, take these issues seriously, ”Nikol Pashinyan said.

Again, remember what a hybrid war is. Unlike military warfare, a hybrid is a type of hostile action in which the attacking party does not resort to classical action but rather destroys the conflicting party by combining destructive actions, sabotage, cyber warfare, and provocation by subversive groups.

That is, if these actions are implemented, real chaos arises, which enables the enemy to achieve his goal. In our case the situation is such that the internal enemy is directly identified with the external enemy.
Just two months after the announcement, Pashinyan fired Chief of Police Valery Osipyan and NSS Director Arthur Vanetsyan. We can already state today that the leaders of the law enforcement agencies have been dismissed for not preventing or assisting the forces of conspiracy.

At least, Vanetsyan's conspiracy and revenge-driven ancestors were, I think, quite clear. It is not difficult to guess that Pashinyan's so-called hybrid coup attempt at a news conference in Kapan took place in September.

In Vanetsian's view, the former regime had a mine among the authorities that had to explode in addition to being their security guarantor. Let's not forget that just days after Vanetsyan's resignation, according to the preliminary version, former RA Police Chief, key witness of the March 1 case, committed suicide, Hayk Harutyunyan.

In Kapan, Pashinyan also stated that he was avenging retaliatory attempts, noting that he was pleased with the work of the acting chief of police and acting NSS acting director.
Today, March 1, the commander-in-chief of the massacre, Robert Kocharyan, has announced the possible failure of the authorities in 2020 from the National Security Service's isolation unit, noting that he holds early parliamentary elections. Kocharyan's statement can be analyzed from two perspectives.

The first is a cheap manipulation method used by the ancients in hot fall or cold winter formats. Realizing that he is on the verge of final decline, Kocharyan continues to play a hero and give his "typhoon" a new impetus.

The second option is much more dangerous and I think it should be an alert especially for the NSS. Kocharyan, along with his lawyers, clearly disrupts the normal course of the March 1 case. The hybrid war has entered a new phase, which is undeniable.

What or whom did Kocharyan rely on this time? Vanetsyan is no longer a burning card, and it would not be right to call Hrayr Tovmasyan's position strong. Is there Vancian-2, or Plan B, with which the main defendant relies?

The answer to the question must first and foremost be clear from the legal system of the Republic of Armenia, the operation of which cannot be ideally qualified.