» China has announced a deadline for the coronavirus to end

China has announced a deadline for the coronavirus to end

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China's new coronavirus epidemic 2019-nCoV will recede in mid-February and will end in late March, Reuters reported citing a statement by a Chinese government official.

Jun Nanshan, head of the National Expert Group on Virus Control and Prevention, confirmed this information.

"About 10 days later, the virus will reach its peak and then retreat," he said in an interview with one of the periodicals.

According to him, the most effective methods to fight the epidemic are to quickly detect the disease and isolate people. The badge suggested heavy case management specialists also include Chinese hospitals. The latter believes that this step will save more lives.

The death toll from the new coronavirus has reached 132 and the number of people infected with the disease has reached 5974. In other countries, there are 6052 confirmed cases of the disease, including infected people.

China's leading infectious scientists have warned that the situation in the epicenter of the epidemic in Uhan is already uncontrollable. They predict the worst is yet to come, and it is not excluded that the epidemic will reach its peak next month.

Cases of the most recent unknown virus have been reported in a number of countries, including the United States and Australia, Ukraine and elsewhere.