» Artur Vanetsyan's and Sasun Khachatryan's phones searched, Pashinyan's phone not searched

Artur Vanetsyan's and Sasun Khachatryan's phones searched, Pashinyan's phone not searched

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On January 17, Zhoghovurd daily wrote: "As it is known, on January 15, RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan was summoned to the RA Investigation Committee for the interrogation of the telephone conversations between him, the former director of the RA National Security Service Arthur Vanetsyan and the SIS chief Sasun Khachatryan. Zhoghovurd daily has learned new details about the case.

Zhoghovurd daily learned what the head of the SIS Khachatryan told the preliminary investigation body in 2018 after the wiretapping and why he refused to provide investigators with his cell phone.

It is known that as early as 2018 Former NSS director Arthur Vanetsyan gave his phone to the preliminary investigation body. "I gave my cellphone, which, to many, it seemed strange to the examining body, said to do a forensic examination, that is, they had restored Viber, WhatsApp, even my and my wife's personal correspondence."

“SISU chief Sasun Khachatryan refused to give his phone to investigators to find out the circumstances of the case. Zhoghovurd daily asked SIS why Sasun Khachatryan didn't give his phone. Is it the reason that he himself called "Judge Hrach" and ordered Robert Kocharyan not to be released?

The SIS replied: "The case is being investigated by the RA Investigative Committee, and Mr. Khachatryan has been warned there not to disclose preliminary investigation data, so he cannot comment on your question," the paper wrote.

168.am sent an inquiry to the Investigative Committee (CC), seeking answers to the following questions:

1. When was the criminal case between the former NSS director Artur Vanetsyan and SIS leader Sasun Khachatryan, as well as Arthur Vanetsyan and the RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan opened?

2. When was Arthur Vanetsyan's phone examined?

3. When was Sasun Khachatryan's phone examined?

4. If there is a time difference between the time limits for the examination of the phones of the aforementioned power managers, what is the reason for this?

5. Has Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan's phone been examined? If so, when?

We have been told by the penitentiary that in connection with the cases of illegal wiretapping, recording and dissemination of telephone conversations on the phone of former RA National Security Council Director Arthur Vanetsyan and SIS Chief Sasun Khachatryan in 2018. On September 11, 2012, the RA Prosecutor General's Office initiated criminal case No. 61209718, the preliminary investigation of which is being conducted by the General Investigation Department of the RA Investigation Committee.