» What does Vanetsyan and Tovmasyan have to say to the public? Analytical

What does Vanetsyan and Tovmasyan have to say to the public? Analytical

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Yesterday, after a search at his home, Constitutional Court President Hrayr Tovmasyan, speaking of his comment on the ongoing processes, noted that all this pursues one goal - to get rid of him as CC president as soon as possible, saying that the authorities are in a hurry. But where? Why is Pashinyan in a hurry, what deadlines does he have, who is ready to take any step, and who set the deadlines for Pashinyan?
It is clear that the purpose is to pass some important illegal, unconstitutional law through the Constitutional Court, and though Hrayr Tovmasyan is just one of the judges of that court, Pashinyan realizes that by neutralizing the head of the Constitutional Court, it will be much easier to resolve the issue with other judges. These days the argument that Hrayr Tovmasyan is obstructing the court decisions against Robert Kocharyan is weakening; Kocharyan's trial is proceeding as slowly as possible, moreover, the Constitutional Court has recently refused to accept the second president's appeal. Therefore, the reason for Pashinyan's haste should be sought elsewhere. And it is here that Tovmasyan opens some brackets, also hinting that the time has come for another person in the limelight, former National Security Service (NSS) former head Arthur Vanetsyan to speak, and that the public is aware of only 10% of current processes.