» New wave of arrests. Aliyev does not allow a protest action

New wave of arrests. Aliyev does not allow a protest action

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The Azerbaijani opposition canceled a protest rally in Baku on Saturday. Jamil Hasanli, head of the National Council of Democratic Forces, said this on his Facebook page.

The Interior Ministry and the Office of the Prosecutor General had earlier issued a statement saying that law enforcement would take all legal measures to disperse the illegal gatherings and suppress hostile acts against the Azerbaijani state.

The government does not allow the opposition to gather in the center of the capital, instead offering a platform far from sight. In particular, the opposition was once again offered to gather in Lokbatan, where the opposition refused.

Recall, the last time the Baku authorities allowed the opposition to hold a rally on October 19 in the same Lokbatan district, but the opposition decided to gather in the city center. Police have violently dispersed the opposition rally by arresting more than six dozen people, including opposition leader Ali Kerimli, who later reported that he had been tortured in a police station.

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