» Fighting in Armenia. shots, knife, blood stains were found

Fighting in Armenia. shots, knife, blood stains were found

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Today, January 22, a shooting took place in Ararat region. At 4:00 pm, Artashat police received a call that a citizen had been taken to hospital with gunshot wounds. According to the photojournalist Gagik Shamshyan from Ararat province, the operative group of Ararat regional police department headed by Artur Zakaryan, acting head of the department, was hospitalized.

The operative group of Artashat police department headed by head of the department Ruben Nersisyan has also arrived. At the hospital, doctors told police that the injured man was not able to give any explanation at this time. While doctors are fighting for the injured man, police in Ararat province found him taken to a hospital on the crossroads of Grigor Zohrap and Acharyan streets in Artashat city. Criminal Investigation and Community Police officers are working at the scene of the accident at the Ararat Marz Department of Police and Artashat Police Department.

One gunshot was found at the scene, and 2 knives and 1 baton were found in a metal container used as a barrel at the beginning of the intersection. A group of the Ararat Regional Investigation Department of the Armenian Investigation Committee, led by head of the department Ambak Grigoryan and deputy head of the department Karen Tadevosyan, also arrived at the scene.

Investigations are conducted by Gor Manaseryan, an investigator on particularly important cases, who is preparing materials on the case. The police and investigative department are investigating the identity of the injured.