» Kutoyan's wife's "cold-heartedness" and the prime minister's grief

Kutoyan's wife's "cold-heartedness" and the prime minister's grief

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The tragedy that interrupted the life of the penultimate head of the NSS, Georgi Kutoyan, has inevitably raised many questions. The questions are far more than the answers.

What happened, is it a suicide, a suicide, or a murder? And instead of the state apparatus taking a moment to respond to these questions, the already terrified society, for the most part whose safety has been undermined by the death of Kutoyan, on the contrary, the botched death of a young former statesman, has exposed this untold great revenge in the air.

Whoever managed to blame him for the death of the former NSS director, blacks for whites, whites for blacks. The point is that even Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan did not personally support Kutoyan's relatives and family mourning the untimely death of his relatives, and the appropriate government unit acted on his behalf. As Armen Ashotyan said, Kutoyan's death could have really been a reason for the re-evaluation and unification of the state.