» What danger Kutoyan felt and who terrorized him?

What danger Kutoyan felt and who terrorized him?

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Former SC Press Secretary Susanna Simonian wrote on her Facebook page: "If it was a suicide ...

And finally why did Kutoyan return to Armenia? What would have made him come back if he was a student in Cambridge and living with his family? What psychological crisis did the lucky Koutoyan live on the walls of his home?

Just like no one fires at walls. You hit the walls if you are trapped, if you are under pressure, if you are in imminent danger and find no other way out. What danger did Kutoyan feel?

Who terrorized him? Why did he want to be separated? That's not how they stand out. They don't shoot like that, they don't commit suicide. This is not the case when the person was unbalanced or had a health problem or was under a heavy social burden and took and committed suicide.

No NSS director can be unbalanced. If he was unbalanced, he would not be the director of the NSS. There, healthy and balanced people are selected.

I read somewhere that the testimony given by the family is also against the version of suicide. It may be against because it has information on these issues.

These are questions that arise in each of us.

Can you answer these questions, those who put suicide into circulation? ”