» What was the reason for Kutoyan's shooting?

What was the reason for Kutoyan's shooting?

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The statement issued by the Investigative Committee raises new questions.

If it turns out that Gevorg Kutoyan's death is not a suicide, then we are dealing with a greater threat - lawyer Norayr Norikyan made such a statement, noting that the CC statement on the case raises new questions.

"G. The content of the statement issued by the RA Investigation Committee on the tragic death of Kutoyan makes it clear that by the end of December 2019, G. Kutoyan went alone to the apartment where, after drinking alcohol, he fired 35 irregular shots from his Glock 34 pistol on the dividing wall of the living room and kitchen.

Later, G. At Kutoyan's request, the latter's wife collected the shotguns and discovered bullets and placed them on the living room table in front of the sofa.

It turns out that G. Kutoyan's wife was at least aware that before the New Year, G. Kutoyan fired shots.

So the question arises: Except for the woman, who was aware of the shooting, what was the state of mind at that time? Kutoyan, what was the purpose of shooting them, why didn't they report it, or if they told who they were, could those shots be heard by the neighbors or not?

Still, if Kutoyan shot himself, why didn't he collect the shotguns he had asked his wife to do?

Or when did she ask for a wife? Where was the woman at that moment, what was the response to that request, and to whom did the woman report that request or fact?