» What do the NSS folders have to do with Kutoyan's death?

What do the NSS folders have to do with Kutoyan's death?

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RA Prime Minister expresses condolences over Georgy Kutoyan's death and condolences to the mourning family of Koutoyans. It also guarantees that the Government will do everything within its power to fully disclose the circumstances of Georgi Kutoyan's death; Yesterday the office of the head of state spread such a message. The task of honoring the incumbent government is, of course, to clarify the circumstances of this mysterious death. Before that let us note that yesterday the RA Investigation Committee released another official statement, which, however, raised more questions instead of answering them.

“Տվյալների According to the data obtained by the investigation, on December 9, 2019, G. After returning to Armenia, Kutoyan temporarily lived in his father's home, but occasionally visited an apartment on Paruyr Sevak Street.

At the same time, information was received that at the end of December 2019, G. Kutoyan visited the apartment alone, where, after drinking alcohol, he fired 35 illegal shots from his Glock 34 pistol on the dividing wall of the living room and kitchen. Later, G. At Kutoyan's request, the latter's wife collected the shotguns and discovered bullets and placed them on the living room table in front of the sofa. The investigation also found that G. On January 16, 2020, at about 8:20 pm, Kutoyan was traveling to a flat owned by Paruyr Sevak from his father's house near Arshakunyats Avenue in Yerevan, informing family members of his intention to rest in the aforementioned apartment for two or three days.