» Who and why Georgi Kutoyan called from London?

Who and why Georgi Kutoyan called from London?

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Arthur Ghazinyan, leader of the One Armenia Party, wrote on his Facebook page: ·

A criminal case has been initiated with the crime of committing suicide in connection with the death of former Chief of Police Hayk Harutyunyan.

Six months have passed, but no progress has been made in this criminal case. The pre-trial body, I think, is unable to find the answer to who or what could have forced an experienced and strong soldier to commit suicide. . .

Ex-NSS Director Georgy Kutoyan's Death Criminal Case Launched . .

Any "invisible powerful" force breaks the will and spirit of strong and balanced people and forces them to put an end to their lives.

PS If we find out who and why Kutoyan called from London, then everything will fall into place.

PS2 Folders missing from NSS? . .