» Vanetsyan Says State Official Badgering Armenian People be alert

Vanetsyan Says State Official Badgering Armenian People be alert

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NA deputy Arman Babajanyan writes on his Facebook page that PSG Chairman Garegin Baghramyan has been persuading everyone for several days that the gas price will go up. And this is in case when, according to Babajanyan, "Gazprom Armenia" has not submitted a request to increase gas prices.

Gazprom Armenia has not filed a petition to increase gas prices, but Garegin Baghramyan, the chairman of the Public Services Regulatory Commission, has persuaded us all for several days why the gas should go up. The price of gas in the world is falling, the gas on the border of Armenia does not seem to rise in price, and Bajajagh is convinced that for natural persons gas should go up and down. I would like to remind you that Garegin Baghramyan, who has been a devoted supporter of all PSRC leaders for many years, will be awarded the 2019 post. In April 2011, the National Assembly elected the PSRC as the head of the competent department, especially because I think it was only because of NSC Director Arthur Vanetsyan's inaction.

I haven't heard of other professional and job qualifications, on the contrary, as you say. I should remind Bajanaghi that he should exert pressure on Gazprom Armenia to raise the price of gas for the ordinary consumer rather than announcing the intention of the company to raise the price of gas. Well, decide who you are interested in, former political director of the National Security Service (NSS) who filed a political application and according to press reports that Arthur Vanetsyan, a Russian Gazprom Armenia or an Armenian citizen, has attempted a coup d'etat? MP Arman Babajanyan.