» Tragic accident in Armenia. the car has split in the middle, there are casualties

Tragic accident in Armenia. the car has split in the middle, there are casualties

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Today, January 17, a major and tragic car accident occurred in Ararat region. At about 6 pm, the driver of an Opel Astra 36 GR 394 on a 34-kilometer section of the Yerevan-Eraskh highway collided with an iron barrier in unknown circumstances, about 20 meters ahead, colliding with an iron billboard.

As photojournalist Gagik Shamshyan reports from the scene, the car collided and was thrown to different sides. Two people were taken out of the car with extremely severe diagnoses as a result of the crash and were transported to Artashat Medical Center by the acting doctors of Ararat Regional Police Artur Zakaryan.

Officers of the 2nd platoon of the 1st Battalion of the 2nd Battalion of the Traffic Police arrived under the command of Grigor Poghosyan, a platoon commander and Karapet Harutyunyan, commander of the platoon. The operative group of Artashat police department headed by the head of the department Ruben Nersisyan also arrived immediately. While Margar Margaryan, a senior investigator at the 1st Battalion of the 2nd Battalion, was working at the scene, it was reported from the hospital that the wounded had died without consciousness in the resuscitation department.

Karen Gyulumyan, head of the Traffic Police Center 1-77, reported the accident to the Ararat Regional Investigation Department of the Armenian Investigation Committee, where the investigative group headed by the head of the department Ambakuni Grigoryan and especially important investigator Narek Safaryan arrived. On the fact Safaryan's decision According to Article 242, part 3, a criminal case has been instituted. The police and investigative department are investigating the identity of the driver and the dead. Those at the scene said the car owner was in the Russian Federation and his 16-year-old son was abducted from the house, and one of the dead was a resident of the Banavan district of Ararat gold mine, 19-year-old Hayk Sargsyan. The car was transported to a special protected area of ​​the Artashat Police Department by a trailer.