» Race in Yerevan. there are injured

Race in Yerevan. there are injured

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Yesterday, January 15, a quarrel took place in Yerevan. At 01:00 am, a call was received from Mashtots Police Department that two citizens were taken to hospital with bodily injuries. As reported by photojournalist Gagik Shamshyan, the operative group of Mashtots police department headed to the hospital headed by the senior investigator of the investigation department.

Police found the person diagnosed with "traumatic brain injury and left lumbar puncture" was 22-year-old Paruyr S., a resident of Davitashen district, and 18-year-old Vrezh S. was hospitalized with "spinal cord injury". While the doctors were providing medical assistance to the wounded, officers of the Mashtots Police Criminal Investigation Unit, through operative investigations, found out that a scuffle took place in the yard of school N 93 in Davitashen administrative district and the mentioned persons were injured. Vache D and 18-year-old Onik M.

A forensic examination was ordered by the investigator.