» When will the Dalma Garden Mall open?

When will the Dalma Garden Mall open?

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Dalma Garden Mall has issued a statement on the January 9 shocks in the building, which says:

"On January 9, a section of the Dalma Garden Mall was exposed to vibration, which resulted in the management evicting current customers and employees due to security concerns, which led to research work to understand the problem.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations denied that the vibration could have been caused by the earthquake. The Ministry of Urban Development presented a verbal conclusion that a vibration caused by inconvenience caused a ventilation system malfunction, which is not a danger.

At the same time, Dalma Garden Mall, being a responsible organization that values ​​people's lives more than making a profit, has undertaken a thorough study of the area by international experts. Specialists from Moscow were invited on this occasion.

According to the verbal conclusions given by the aforementioned bodies and specialists so far, the building has no structural or concern issues.

At the same time, management applied to the state authorities for a written opinion.