» Manvel Grigoryan must die or Nikol Pashinyan will go to prison

Manvel Grigoryan must die or Nikol Pashinyan will go to prison

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Following the suicide of Hayk Harutyunyan, the former RA Police Chief, a key witness in the March 1 case (official version), discussions on the issue of key witnesses in the March 1 case began in the public and political arena. This topic is especially trying to manipulate the authorities and their media outlets. An attempt is made to give the impression that witnesses can be killed by the hands of former authorities.

Against this backdrop, the authorities forget about another witness whose law enforcement officials have put to death. The point is about General Manvel Grigoryan. He has also been involved in political processes following the 2008 presidential election.

Manvel Grigoryan, of course, is a character not accepted by a certain segment of the public. During his part in power, he had made many people tired, and it is natural that many are now not interested in his destiny. In spite of the indifference of the general public, it is strange why the court in any way rejects the motion to change his detention. Why is Manvel Grigoryan not being given the opportunity to be treated so that he can be brought to justice, and if the court finds him guilty, he will be punished for what he did?

The fact that the courts in Armenia are not independent and comply with the demands of the authorities of the day, we think, is needless to recall. Under the new authorities, the courts released Sashik Sargsyan, moreover, he was allowed to travel abroad where he was to receive treatment.