» As we left Gamsakhurdia from Yerevan to Grozny

As we left Gamsakhurdia from Yerevan to Grozny

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As a result of civil strife in Georgia, President Zviad Gamsakhurdia left Tbilisi early in the morning of January 6, 1992, first to seek refuge in Azerbaijan with his family and relatives, but failed to take advantage of the Armenian authorities' temporary asylum in Ijevan. one of the businesses in the suburb of the two-storey resort.

 Within days, it became clear that Gamsakhurdia's stay in Armenia was quite problematic. First, to my knowledge, both the Georgian authorities and the opposition were dissatisfied with the Armenians. The Zviadists for some reason thought that Gamsakhurdia was "kept" in Armenia against their will, and the authorities were dissatisfied that the Armenian leadership did not fulfill its demand to extradite Gamsakhurdia. It was obvious that the only solution to the issue was the departure of Zviad Gamsakhurdia from Armenia, and that happened on January 15.