» The Prime Minister's daughter has something to say, her notes are profound

The Prime Minister's daughter has something to say, her notes are profound

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Hovik Aghazaryan, a member of the NA "My Step" faction, told 168 TV that there were no discussions on Arthur Vanetsyan within the faction. “If we meet on different occasions and have general conversations, we probably rarely touch on this issue, there is no such thing. The outflow from the KC related to Vanetsyan is excluded. ”

Recall that on January 12, Haykakan Zhamanak (Armenian Time) Pashinyan family published an article about Arthur Vanetsyan, writing that he was the author of materials published on websites against Nikol Pashinyan's family members.

In response to the question whether Artur Vanetsyan has ever posed a threat to Nikol Pashinyan's power or is it present today, Aghazaryan answered: “Well, if he continued to serve as the head of the NSS and pursued political goals, it would be unacceptable and would pose some risks. Now, no. "

Referring to the involvement of the Prime Minister's family members in the political processes, in particular Mariam Pashinyan's note on former NSS director Arthur Vanetsyan, Aghazaryan said: "Mariam, if I'm not mistaken, is 20 years old. 20 year old young maid who also has something to say. Therefore, there is nothing strange here. The wording that the family gets involved in is not appropriate in this case. Mariam Pashinyan's notes are getting attention because she is the Prime Minister's daughter. But there are a lot of young people who do similar posts. Maybe not always right, but they have the right, right? "