» Manvel Grigoryan was transferred to the intensive care unit

Manvel Grigoryan was transferred to the intensive care unit

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Due to the sharp deterioration of his health condition, former MP, former Chairman of the Yerkrapah Volunteer Union Manvel Grigoryan was taken to the Nairi Medical Center's resuscitation department. Manvel Grigoryan's advocates Levon Baghdasaryan told Tert.am.

“Grigoryan's health has deteriorated. This is the result of all of our claims, arguments and doctors' conclusions being ignored. When we say that Grigoryan cannot be treated intensively in Armenia, the state is silent when we say that detention is incompatible with his state of health: the court ignores and rejects petitions to change the restraint. Let me remind you that the case is within the ECHR's domain and Armenia will be held responsible with the court holding him in custody, ”Baghdasaryan said.

It should be reminded that Manvel Grigoryan was charged with illegally bypassing the restrictions provided by the RA Law on Weapons, with his wife Nazik Amiryan, his son Arman Grigoryan and other unidentified persons, by prior consent, illegally. They brought, transported and stored firearms, ammunition, bulletproof bullets, explosives in their three homes, as well as carrying out various types of theft.