» Arsen Torosyan about closed maternity hospitals

Arsen Torosyan about closed maternity hospitals

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RA Minister of Health Arsen Torosyan on the Public Television of Armenia touched upon the closure of maternity hospitals in a number of communities. “One of the important factors in the closure was the number of births admitted to the medical facility, but not only that. The decision is not just about the number. That is, we had categories - first aid, second, etc., and we were comparing, seeing which one was in compliance and for almost a year there were actually facilities that did not comply with at least the first category, ”the minister said.

According to him, there are no specialized specialists and necessary equipment in the closed medical institutions. Asked whether it would not be optimal for these institutions to be replenished with the necessary equipment and staffed by appropriate specialists, Torosyan said that marzpets are dealing with these issues. "Besides, it's not always appropriate at all, because healthcare, as a specific sector, needs to be centralized, and if we make it geographically accessible (that is, hospital services), then a few kilometers, even a few Going tens of kilometers is often easier than providing quality service. ”