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What Kocharyan is afraid of

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In a recent court hearing on the case of second President Robert Kocharyan and others, one of the victims, speaking to the defense, said: "Let them respect March 1 or not ..." Hayk Alumyan, a defender of Robert Kocharyan, spoke about this at the end of the session. “I wanted to find out what he was saying, after the word 'no', we will hear the recording, we will find out what he meant, after saying 'no' he would say, evaluate his step and understand what he was doing. we will apply. ”

Asked whether they do not consider it a threat at this moment, Hayk Alumyan said: "You know, it seemed to me out of context, but I don't want to conclude. We'll hear, in more detail, we'll decide what to do." Of course, I am of the opinion that in the course of the trial, one should refrain from emotionally scarring, expressions that may cause confusion and various speculations.

On the other hand, we need to understand what causes the righteous anger of victims and victims' successors. Robert Kocharyan and his defense team consistently delay the start of the trial; The process has come as a result of repeated deadlocked motions and politically-motivated statements.

It is difficult to say precisely what the real motive behind the second president's defensive tactics is. It is conceivable that Kocharyan thinks that the start of the trial itself, the publication of factual materials, testimony will eradicate the myth of political persecution, a legend that has been woven over the past one and a half years.

Predictably, in this case, the small number of supporters of the second president will become less scarce, especially since Kocharyan's team has recently been unable to play the so-called Russian factor.