» Gagik Shamshyan addresses Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan

Gagik Shamshyan addresses Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan

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“At the request of the residents of Aygavan village in Ararat province, I present to you the problem that has been unresolved for decades in the village. Aygavan, which has been near Yerevan since the Soviet times, has always had a water problem. Residents of the village have been solving the water issue for decades through primitive roads. People travel kilometers to import water from other places.

Whichever home you enter, there are necessarily water bids that carry water every day. Only in the most backward countries in the 21st century can such scenes be encountered. Meanwhile, Armenia has no problem with water. has a problem with the will of the authorities. It is enough for you to order, and the authorities can in a few weeks bring joy to the village and its afflicted inhabitants.

Today, January 11, Thanksgiving is celebrated all over the world. It has a great deal to it. Help those in need and receive "THANKS". If the problem of Aygavants is solved, Thanksgiving will open your doors every day. "