» H1N1 flu deaths in Armenia; What to do not get infected?

H1N1 flu deaths in Armenia; What to do not get infected?

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In the countries of the European region, the prevalence of morbidity caused by acute respiratory infections and influenza continues to rise. Acute respiratory illnesses are also increasing in the Republic of Armenia, despite the fact that cases of acute respiratory infections and influenza have decreased compared to the same period last year, particularly as of January 11, 2020, acute respiratory infections decreased 1.2 times hospitalization with pneumonia decreased 1.7 times.

According to the Ministry of Health, 668 patients are hospitalized with acute respiratory infections in the medical organizations of the republic today (a decrease of 1.1 times compared to the previous year), 97.9% of which are children aged 0-18. The main burden of patients' applications was on the pediatric hospitals in Yerevan. All patients receive appropriate treatment, with a positive improvement. 31 patients (instead of 50 in the previous year) receive treatment in the reanimation departments of medical organizations, the majority of which are children aged 0-5.

Observation of the prescribed thermal regime indicators is also carried out in educational organizations. As of January 10, deviations were recorded in 153 schools and 25 kindergartens. The Ministry of Health shall, on a daily basis, be informed of the deviations concerned by the relevant agencies to take the necessary measures.

Ongoing laboratory studies show that flu A, H1N1 and B strains have been circulating in the country since December last year, as well as other respiratory infections (rhinovirus, bokavirus, respiratory syncytial virus, adenovirus).

We regret to report that there was one case of death yesterday. Laboratory studies have confirmed the H1N1 subtype of influenza. An epidemiological examination of the incident revealed that the patient had received medical attention in an extremely serious condition with a strangulation on the 10th day of the illness.