» They had been looking for oil in Akhurik for a while, but nature had prepared another surprise

They had been looking for oil in Akhurik for a while, but nature had prepared another surprise

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The waterfall in Akhurik community of Shirak marz, known by various names: Hot water, Frik or Vishka, has an interesting history. Today it is one of the preferred recreation areas, and the water sample is used for scientific purposes.

Hayk Sargsyan, head of the Akurik Geochemical Research Station, said the area was dug in 1956-1957 to find oil, but hot water came out of the well.

"The well is 1800 meters, but the hot water goes out to a depth of 600 meters, it has a temperature of 27.2, which is unchanged. The water also contains a lot of information about the processes going on in the subsoil, so a seismic station is being developed to study the composition of the water, "said GALA interlocutor.

Hayk Sargsyan continued: "On the basis of the source, a station for geochemical research was established in 1990-91, later the National Seismic Protection Service was created, and after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the institute was incorporated into the seismic service and became a chemical research station, then built with the help of Germans" :

Water contains 13 types of chemical elements. Depending on the processes of the subsoil, the number of these elements changes.

"Now the slot machine is on, and the change of those elements logs every 15 minutes and reports to the satellite," the expert said.

The water is potable, but according to experts, it should be used in small quantities as it contains more acids.

According to Sargsyan, if the chemical acid balance in ordinary drinking water is 5.5, then it is 6.5 in the composition of this water.

"Using a small amount can help improve gastrointestinal tract. Water can be drunk and the body enriched with iron, which promotes red blood cells, "said Hayk Sargsyan.

Water cools in summer, warms in winter. There are many visitors during the summer. come to bathe, cool off and enjoy the nature.